Hi-Sabin Panels

IMPORTANT NOTICE, April 15, 2020: We have depleted our stock of light gray and medium gray material, and we are unable to resupply at the moment. Plenty of white material is still available and we are able to fill orders for white Hi-Sabin Panels. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for restocking of light gray and medium gray panels.

Exposed structure has become commonplace as a ceiling in contemporary buildings as architects and designers seek to avoid the ubiquitous suspended lay-in panel ceiling. However, sound control is often disregarded in favor of aesthetic considerations. The STC Hi-Sabin Panel controls reverberant noise in these spaces at a fraction of the cost of lay-in panel ceilings. Made of melamine-based foam, these panels offer lower cost and higher performance than other type of sound absorption panels.

The Hi-Sabin panel is available in multiple dimensions and configurations. Flat surface panels are available in any custom size, and panels can also be cut to any custom two-dimensional shape (including curves). For custom orders, please contact us.

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mark hutchinson

i need 20 cartons (360) PG 2″ thick.
medium gray panels, 8″ wide by 24″ face

34 matrices of 22 standoffs each, 1/2″thick, for a total of 748 standoffs, allowing 2 per panel.
4 cartons (48 panels) of 2″ thick, white panels, 24″ by 24″ face
9 matrices of 22 standoffs each, 1/2″ thick for a total of 198 standoffs, allowing 4 per panel see paul bataglia he gave me the information

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