STC Sound Control makes acoustical products for architecture that minimize the annoyance and aggravation related to noise. With simple solutions, we make the environments where people live, work and play more comfortable. From reducing sound from adjoining rooms, to absorbing reverberant sound within a room, to minimizing sound from floors above, STC products help create better experiences in settings from hotels to hospitals.

STC Sound Control is dedicated to helping builders – architects, developers, contractors – by making simple, cost effective, high performance acoustical products for architecture.

From the very beginning, STC has been driven to help customers avoid the high costs and difficult manufacturing and installation processes of other products on the market.

With a wealth of both manufacturing and acoustical expertise, STC Sound Control is proud to offer the best solutions for privacy and noise control at lower costs – and with less inconvenience – than competitors.


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Paul L. Battaglia

AIA, ASA, INCE - President

STC Sound Control was founded by Paul Battaglia, an architect and professor of architectural acoustics in the Department of Architecture, University at Buffalo. A graduate with Bachelor and Master Degrees from the MIT School of Architecture and Planning, Paul developed his interest in acoustics as teaching assistant to Bob Newman of Bolt Beranek and Newman. He has combined his skills gleaned from 40+ years of architectural practice with experience of 30+ years in acoustic education to create unique, patented inventions that address long-standing needs in the building markets.


Cindy R. Heximer

MBA - Business Development Director

Cindy Heximer joined Paul Battaglia to assist with Business Development and educational outreach to local and national architects, contractors and owners and developers. A graduate of the University of Buffalo, with a Bachelor degree in Accounting and her MBA, Cindy has over 30 years in sales leadership, business development and marketing roles for several major organizations in the country. Cindy’s goal is always to clearly articulate and share with each stakeholder the benefits of STC Sound Control products and ensure they are poised to choose the very best performing and most cost-effective solutions for acoustical comfort.

TMP Technologies

TMP Technologies, Inc., is the Manufacturing Partner of STC Sound Control and a multinational market leader in specialty foam, rubber, plastic and metal components and assemblies. TMP operates three factories in Western New York with three divisions: Advanced Rubber Products, TRS Packaging, and Foam Sciences.



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