Even without sound disruptions, the workday can be challenging enough to get through. Whether it’s an open creative space or a more traditional space composed of individual private offices, sound control within an office ultimately affects productivity, employee engagement and overall satisfaction.

The suspended acoustical lay-in panel ceiling has become ubiquitous in office construction. Contemporary design seeks an alternative, omitting the ceiling and exposing the structural deck. The result is usually a noisy, reverberant space that can be unbearable. Sound absorption panels adhered to the deck can provide the necessary comfort and still maintain the desired aesthetics.

Another common source of noise concerns in office building are extensive exterior glass walls, referred to as curtain walls or ribbon windows. Typically, there is a gap between the wall and the metal tubes (mullions) that hold the glass in place, creating another path for sound to travel.

Finally, outlets can compromise privacy in conference rooms and small offices—especially for functions such as Human Resources.

Used in concert, our suite of products and solutions can ensure a better workday experience – and a more productive, efficient workforce.


Stop irritating sounds from traveling through walls.

Eliminate echoes, noise and other effects of lingering sound.

Prevent footfalls and impact noise from floors above.

Lower the risk of fire spreading room-to-room.


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