Box Seals

Multiple Configurations Available

When noise becomes an issue, the instinctive response is often to build a thicker wall. After all, partitions create privacy, and seem like they should stop sound. In reality, sound travels readily through sound flanking paths (openings in the walls) like recessed outlet boxes. The Box Seal is a wall plate gasket that serves as an acoustic wall plate seal and fire prevention measure, effectively plugging these holes.

The Box Seal is available in multiple configurations, including all common NEMA configurations, and fits all major manufacturers’ wall plates. The 1-gang Duplex Box Seal is UL-listed as a wall opening protective material for one-hour fire partitions, even back-to-back, when used with a metal wall plate.

FIT: We recommend a device cover, a.k.a. “plaster ring,” at the outlet box. This will set all parts of the box slightly behind the plane of the wall surface so there is no interference with the ribs on the back of the Box Seal. Constant contact between the seal and the gypsum board panel will result. This is required for best sound isolating performance and for fire resistance.