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Most of the time, we ignore sound until it becomes a problem. But once it does, it’s often a big one. From hospitals and dormitories to restaurants and office spaces, noise can affect productivity, customer satisfaction and overall success. Whether it’s sound that’s finding its way between rooms, lingering within one room or traveling between floors to the space below, we create noise reduction solutions to make complaints and inconvenience a thing of the past.

STC’s unique noise control products are simple, cost-effective and high performing for developers and architects. And perhaps more importantly, they help customers’ and end-users’ acoustical comfort-fixing issues from complaining hotel guests to office workers desperate for a little privacy.



Superior performance for STC and IIC


Cost savings with superior performance.


Simple, time-saving construction

STC Products Improve Acoustic Comfort

Acoustic Sleeper

  • Sound isolation pads of neoprene rubber that support floor construction panels.
  • UL Design fire ratings and higher STC and IIC performance.
  • No gypsum cement or acoustical mats, and at a lower cost.

Hi-Sabin Panel

  • Class-A foam cloud for sound absorption with NRC-1.25.
  • No mounting hardware, uncovered or painted, flat or patterned.
  • Exposed or used in a ceiling screen systems including stretched fabric and perforated metal.

Box Seal

  • Gasket of neoprene rubber for wall plates at recessed electrical outlets.
  • Seals the sound flanking path per IBC 1207.2.
  • Twice the STC performance of putty pads, and at a lower cost.

Mullion Seal

  • Neoprene rubber seal for the sound flanking path between mullions and partitions.
  • All the STC performance needed at 5% of the cost of the competition.
  • Maintains the seal while allowing movement from wind, interstory drift, and thermal expansion.



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Hotel in Georgia

We have gone from weekly, if not daily, complaints to ZERO complaints since completion last April.

Hotel in Georgia - General Manager

Ed Smart

Thank you for the professional consulting and installation of acoustic panels at the Trek-Torrent headquarters in Lockport. The installation is… Read more “Ed Smart”

Ed Smart - AIA, NCARB

Tom Fleming

It’s about time someone came up with a good solution to this detail.

Tom Fleming
R.E. Krug Corp.

Contractor in Florida

From the last conversation I had with the (customer), everything was exactly as they expected. The STC box seals seemed… Read more “Contractor in Florida”


Chuck Mauro

I want to thank you for the acoustic panels you installed at 800 Maple. The difference is truly amazing; we… Read more “Chuck Mauro”

Chuck Mauro - Manager

Tom Kujawa

I was at Ru’s this morning and the ceiling panels look real good, and improved the quality of the space… Read more “Tom Kujawa”

Tom Kujawa -Design Architect


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