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Acoustic Sleeper Strip (44")

Acoustic Sleeper Strips are 1/4-inch thick neoprene, 1-1/2-inch wide and 44 inches long. They are stapled to the underside of span-rated plywood. The Acoustic Sleeper has been granted US Patent No. 10,041,245.

Strips are recommended at terminal edges and butt-edges of panels where floor finishes are brittle or stiff, such as tile or concrete. Strips can also be used anywhere pads are normally used.

Acoustic Sleeper Strips are always stocked. Minimum order is a box of 10 strips, 44 inches long.

*Please allow 2 weeks to fill and ship your order. There is no cost for shipping the Acoustic Sleeper Strips within US-48.

$230.00 10 @ 44" Strips

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