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Acoustic Sleeper Pad

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Acoustic Sleeper Pads are 1/4-inch thick neoprene, 1-1/2-inches square. They are easily and quickly stapled to the underside of span-rated plywood. The Acoustic Sleeper has been issued US Patent No. 10,041,245.

Pads are generally used to support wood sleepers or to directly support panels. Spacing is determined by deflection.

Pads can also be used in the field of panels and along tongue-and-groove edges at a spacing determined by panel span rating to limit deflection. Pads may be used along terminal edges and at butt edges of panels at a closer spacing; strips are recommended at these locations to eliminate any deflection.

Acoustic Sleeper Pads are generally stocked.

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Noise from floors above can travel through the floor structure and radiate into the space below. This is known as impact noise or footfalls, which is measured by a standard called the Impact Insulation Classification (IIC). Different elements of the floor and ceiling construction contribute to isolating this noise in various amounts, and are called the ΔIIC, or Delta IIC (for difference). All dwelling units and sleeping rooms in apartments, condominiums, hotels, and other multiple-unit housing are required by the International Building Code to maintain a IIC-50 (IBC 1207.3).

The STC Acoustic Sleeper helps to prevent impact noise from reaching floors below, and also isolates structure-borne sound as with partitions that extend upward to the structural deck. With identical floor plan layouts there is a very effective sound flanking path into the partition directly above. The Acoustic Sleeper system disconnects this sound path since partitions are fastened to the underlayment panel, not the structural deck.

Acoustic Sleeper pads and strips are 1/4-inch thick neoprene, 1-1/2-inch wide, and are easily and quickly stapled, nailed or adhered to the underside of panels. The Acoustic Sleeper has been issued US Patent No. 10,041,245.

The Acoustic Sleeper is an integral part of 1-hour and 2-hour fire-resistance rated floor/ceiling assembly UL Designs for wood framing in Construction Type III-A and V-A:

  • Wood Joists: L502, L506, L514; 2-hour L505
  • I-Joists: L589
  • Wood Truss: L528, L563, L574; 2-hour L577
  • Metal Joists: L524
  • Light Gauge Metal Truss: L560, L565

The Acoustic Sleeper can also be used in 2-hour concrete and steel (UL Design D902) supporting wood panels as an acoustic floor covering system.

The system provides considerable cost savings over acoustical mats and gypsum cement and has a higher ΔIIC-23.



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